A Marxist America

By Kara Johnson


America was once the land of the free where the free market reigned, and every American could pursue their dreams. What a land that was. It was a land of courage, bravery, and land where capitalism was a force of good, but people fought and fought for a new nation. History was made as Marxism took over America. 

What does this America look like? The free market has crashed, and totalitarianism is at its full effect. Marxism is the new way of living. If you think differently than your government, don’t speak up because there will be consequences for your actions, and those consequences often lead to imprisonment and sometimes even death. Private ownership is now co-operative ownership, meaning your property is now democratically owned by the government. Those in charge set the rules in this society, and whatever they say is what must be done. Anarchy is now the new normal, and lives have changed dramatically. In a Marxist America, you are not free. 

If America were Marxist, it would be a classless society preceded by the violence of the state who would rule in an interim dictatorship. We would no longer vote every four years because there would be no need. The dictatorship would reign, and our freedom to choose our leader would be no more. In a Marxist America, we live under the rule of law, and we will never be able to go against it. Our history will have been destroyed and rewritten, and a new America will re-emerge among the ashes, and it will set ablaze everything we once knew but will never see again. 

Marxists believe in alienating all aspects of society, including the family, education system, and the media. They believe that social systems such as churches, prisons, and schools have been created to maintain division amongst the classes. If America were Marxist, it would be a lawless land with violence, no police force, and the freedom to worship how you please will be gone. There is no freedom in a Marxist society. In a Marxist America, we would sit down and tell our children about an America we once knew, an America that was once prosperous and free and where you could dare to dream as big as you wanted, and where we could speak our minds and tyranny didn’t reign. If America were Marxist, the world as we know it would be abolished forever. 

About Kara

Instagram: @alotlikekara

Kara's Blog: Black Coffee at Midnight

Kara Johnson finished her Bachelor's degree in Communications at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane in 2014. Since then, she has become a firm defender of truth, faith, capitalism, and patriotism. Her fight for American policies is evident throughout her writing and online presence. She is a contributing writer for The Rogue Review and The Human Defense Initiative, while also working to consistently update her personal blog Black Coffee At Midnight about faith, issues, and life's journey.

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