American Privilege

By Rachel Witherspoon


Americans have an international reputation for being spoiled brats. This stems from the privilege that alone is not a bad thing; it has led America to lead the world in accepting the most immigrants each year as well as providing the most humanitarian aid to the rest of the world. However, it is the American lack of recognition for our blessings and subsequent gratitude that has earned us our international reputation. 

At the crux of the problem is the American socialist movement which is currently striving to eliminate objectivity. Why? Because if Americans were to truly think objectively about the world and their relative positions in it, the conclusion they would reach would be one of gratitude for America and angst for the very ideals they are trying to instill in her. The hard reality that those fighting for socialism in America refuse to face is that America is a country that provides them with incredible blessings; such as the freedom to openly express their hatred towards it.

That brings us to the question at hand; what exactly is American privilege?

American privilege is refusing your business to a company because you don't like something their CEO said, while in socialist countries your only option is government-owned businesses.

American privilege is constantly protesting, complaining about, and openly hating America, while in the People's Republic of China, such actions can come with deadly consequences for you and your family.

American privilege is buying your own home surveillance system for personal use, while Chinese citizens have 24/7 government surveillance now expanding into their private homes. 

American privilege is going to the grocery store and buying more food than you can eat, which will stay in your pantry until you finally decide to donate it, while socialist countries like Venezuela face mass starvation forcing their citizens to eat out of trash cans.

American privilege is complaining about student loan debt you willingly took on, yet want the government to cancel for you, while many young students around the world are forced to stop their primary schooling to work in sweatshops in order to provide for their families. 

American privilege is protesting in the streets donning a hammer and sickle flag begging for socialism (the stepping stone to communism: the ultimate goal), while the communist regimes it represents, are responsible for the 100+ million killed at the hands of communism.

American privilege is not caring about any of this because it doesn't seem like any of the harsh realities of socialism and communism can happen here, while they are happening to innocent bystanders who thought the same thing in Venezuela, Cuba, and around the world.

American privilege is forgetting that history repeats itself, while it happens right in front of our eyes. 

Don't let your American privilege blind you from the realities of socialism and communism. Likewise, don't allow your American privilege to let you forget how blessed you are to live in a free America. 

About Rachel Witherspoon

Twitter: @Rach_Withers

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Rachel Witherspoon is a young American graduate student with a passion for utilizing the knowledge found in economics, business, and political science to help others. She is a fierce advocate for America and an even bigger advocate for the First Amendment.

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