Big Tech Censorship in Today's America

By Christopher Lomauro


Senators on the right have retaliated against the recent Big Tech censorship of one of America’s most popular newspapers. 

Roger Wickman, a Mississippi Senator and the Chairman of the Senate Commerce, recently authorized subpoenas that would force companies like Twitter and Facebook that have suppressed the recent New York Post story to testify in court for their censorship efforts.1 During a recent interview, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley followed up on a bill he introduced in June which would enable Americans to take legal action against Big Tech giants for blocking the Post’s story, arguing that corporations’ judgment of information should not overrule that of the people. 2

The recent story published by the New York Post detailing the unethical foreign dealings of a former Vice President and his son has been censored by both Twitter and Facebook.The Post, America’s fourth most popular newspaper, had its account locked by Twitter after publishing the story. Facebook blocked users from sharing and discussing the story on their platform but has not locked the New York Post’s account. Twitter has refused to unlock the account until the story is deleted from the Post’s platform entirely. 3 Despite efforts made by social media conglomerates and popular mainstream media outlets to censor and discredit the story, online exposure to the story has surged since its publication. 4

Twitter’s censorship efforts largely exceeded Facebook’s, as executives of the company decided to ban or block every user trying to share or post about the story. 5 Left-leaning mainstream media outlets have spent the last week justifying the suppression of the Post’s story, referencing the fact that the constitution protects against government suppression of information, while not including any sections preventing private corporations from regulating the spread of information at their discretion. 6

Recent efforts to suppress information by Big Tech have not only affected those trying to share and discuss the recent story published by the New York Post. Twitter also recently suspended the account of White House coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas, citing concerns that his recommendations are contrary to those being offered by the World Health Organization and are therefore forms of dangerous misinformation that undermine the public’s well being.7 The WHO has offered inaccurate and potentially harmful advice to the world as it pertains to the coronavirus pandemic. Initial reports released by the organization stated that asymptomatic carriers were a serious driver of disease spread, but the WHO later backtracked on this claim and stated that asymptomatic spread was rare. 8 9 Coming from an organization that once said the spread of COVID-19 between people was unlikely at all, Americans should ponder why the opinions of doctors currently treating the disease are being sidelined in favor of advice coming from an entity with a poor track record on advising on the fight against the disease thus far.

With the presidential election taking place in just a short couple of weeks, Americans deserve to have access to information pertaining to one of the two leading candidates. With an FBI investigation unfolding and viable evidence supporting the credibility of the New York Post’s story, Big Tech’s interference with information dissemination in today’s America can be considered election interference. This should trouble every American. If we surrender freedom of press to Big Tech, our country will potentially open the floodgates for social media corporations to strip us of further constitutional liberties. 10

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