Capitalism and the Poor

By Kara Johnson


Critics are consistent in their accusations against capitalism, claiming it makes life worse for the poor. But they don’t ever give you a reason as to why, and if they do, it’s not a solid claim. They leave out solid and very real facts in history. The market economy is what helps lift people out of poverty, and no other socioeconomic structure has been as successful. Whether you like it or not, capitalism is the most pro-life economy the world could have. 

When we see poverty in the world today, we aren’t seeing people who have had everything stripped away from them. We see people who have never had wealth in the first place. They don’t understand what it means to have wealth or what it means to pursue the career of your dreams. For them, it’s about survival. This is due to several countries not pursing capitalism. Socialist countries have been proven to lead their communities to become poorer than they already are. In fact, these countries have killed millions of people due to poverty, and a power hungry government. 

In his book, “Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future,” Swedish researcher, Johan Norberg traces the advances made in the world over a 20-year span. In this book, he discusses capitalism and America. He states that 200 years ago, capitalism was gaining steam in the U.S, and in many other parts of the world. During that time, there were 60 million people living in poverty. Today, there are nearly 6.5 billion people not living in poverty, and this is partially due to capitalism and the benefits it offers every human life. 1

According to the Morning Call, “world life expectancy has more than doubled in the past 100 years” due to the growth of capitalism. 2 They also state that hunger has diminished drastically, and famines are most recently centered in socialist and communist countries like China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and North Korea. 

The fact is that an entrepreneurial spirit, working hard, and innovation can go a long way, which is what capitalism promotes. When these things are allowed to work freely in a free market economy, it works and it helps people move out of poverty. The Morning Call states in a recent article, “There is considerably less poverty, greater individual wealth and economic well-being in this country and in the world today than there was even 30 years ago. And remember, those 30 years included both Republican and Democratic administrations and congresses.” 

Capitalism promotes growth and prosperity, whereas socialism promises the opposite. Many do not realize this reality, which is why there has been an exponential growth toward the ideas of socialism. But when we look back in history, we learn just how successful capitalism has been for lifting people from poverty and how we must fight to keep it in America. It’s been said before but it’s a question worth asking: how often do we see others flee from capitalism to live in socialism?

 As far as we’re concerned - none. 

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Kara Johnson finished her Bachelor's degree in Communications at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane in 2014. Since then, she has become a firm defender of truth, faith, capitalism, and patriotism. Her fight for American policies is evident throughout her writing and online presence. She is a contributing writer for The Rogue Review and The Human Defense Initiative, while also working to consistently update her personal blog Black Coffee At Midnight about faith, issues, and life's journey.

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