Capitalism is More Fair Than Socialism

By Andrew Friedrick


Capitalism is often deemed a political system that is unfair to certain individuals, while socialism is hailed as more progressive and nondiscriminatory. The argument in our culture today is that every human being in America should have everything given to them and that life for everyone could be much easier if wealth were distributed. While this might sound wonderful to some people on the surface, there are several negative underlying factors. 

Imagine graduating from a university and receiving your degree after four long years of hard work and dedication. All your money and time have gone entirely to college, and pursuing your dream career is a step away from happening. After some extensive job searching, you finally find a job and are ready to apply yourself to the best of your ability. However, after all your hard work and dedication, you discover that a huge percent of your income goes directly into the hands of certain individuals who have come nowhere close to where you are in life. Instead, these certain individuals have chosen not to apply themselves as they know that the distribution of wealth by the government allows them to procrastinate. What is the point in pursuing a career when you can get a paycheck for doing nothing? Perhaps the main problem with socialism is that it is unfair to the hard worker. When socialism becomes the political system in a society, personal success and ambition disappears entirely.  

In every country that has adopted socialism, opportunity does not exist as the government controls the distribution of wealth. But a frightening amount of young Americans still want socialism as it gives them an excuse not to work. Why not experiment with “new” political policies when the average American taxpayer pays for those policies? In the wise words of Thomas Sowell, “It is so easy to be wrong--and to persist in being wrong--when the costs of being wrong are paid for by others.” 1 Capitalism is entirely fair as long as you are willing to apply yourself, the unfairness of socialism must be continually exposed.  

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Andrew Friedrick was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He will be attending the University of North Florida in the fall. He loves all things related to sports, enjoys the outdoors, and is passionate about politics.

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