Capitalism Is Progress

By Colton Pickard


We’ve heard people on the left talk about progress, and we can’t achieve their level of progress until America becomes a socialist state. Self-proclaimed socialists want their friends, family, co-workers, and their community to live a better life. There’s nothing wrong with that; I want the same thing for my community. The only issue with associating progress with socialism is that progress doesn’t follow socialism. It runs from it. 

Modern capitalism made its presence in the world in the early 19th century.1 Capitalism has turned into a global phenomenon since then, and it has sent the world exploding forward with innovative ideas, new technologies, and creative business ventures. There has never been more progress in the world and the United States since modern capitalism entered the world. Before modern capitalism, world progress and innovation were virtually non-existent. There was constant poverty, and most people lived with nothing more than a couple of pairs of clothes, a sack to sleep on, and maybe a bench or table in their home.2 That has changed for a lot of poor people throughout the world, especially in America. Most poor people in America today have a smartphone to help guide their lives and keep them up to date with the continuously changing world, thanks to capitalism. 

British writer James Pethokoukis said it best, “The single greatest story of human achievement of the past 2,000 years is the dramatic rise in living standards of the past 200 years.”3 In Pethokoukis’ source, he states that the average American income in the past 200 years has increased from $2,000 per person to $50,000 per person.4 That is a massive jump in only 200 years, especially compared to growth in previous centuries. 

Without capitalism, we could still be in the same spot our ancestors were 500 years ago. There likely wouldn’t be any cars, planes, or cell phones. The life we currently live wasn’t dreamt of before capitalism. People are living longer, they’re wealthier, more informed, and have the ability to do anything they want. The American Dream is still alive for anyone who wants to achieve it, no matter how much the Democratic Socialists of America want to destroy it.

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Colton Pickard is a Journalism major with a focus in sports and politics at Middle Tennessee State University. Colton is involved with multiple political organizations on campus and is fighting for freedom and educating his peers on the real dangers of socialism.

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