Civil Discourse Is Dying

By Andrew Friedrick


As our country becomes more and more divided over political issues and ideologies, the practice of openly discussing political topics with others without receiving backlash or hate is becoming less common. Civil discourse in our society is disappearing entirely and is being replaced with pointless anger and groupthink. In particular, America’s young generation is in grave danger of succumbing to groupthink ideology due to constant exposure of leftist beliefs and policies in school or at universities.

Students who have opinions and beliefs that contradict those of their classmates, teachers, or professors often keep to themselves for fear of attack or humiliation. According to a UNC survey, 32.1% of conservatives on campus never expressed their beliefs in the classroom while 75.9% of liberals felt comfortable sharing their beliefs. 1 Conservatives on campus received considerable backlash as well. 20.2% of conservative students received a poor grade on multiple occasions during the semester for expressing their ideological beliefs and 31% of students experienced lower respect from peers. Finding a campus that equally teaches all political ideologies and not just leftitst thought is becoming increasingly rare if not impossible.

As a result, civil discourse becomes nonexistent as the left refuses to teach founding American principles and policies and instead promotes the idea of attacking others who disagree with their beliefs. We can see the complete effect of leftist indoctrination fully manifested in Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters’ actions. 

In August, an angry mob of Black Lives Matter protesters surrounded a woman sitting outside at a restaurant attempting to get her to raise her fist to show solidarity. 2 The group yelled “white silence is violence” along with other explicit language. Countless videos of protesters yelling in the face of cops and often physically attacking them both from BLM supporters and Antifa activists have gone viral across the internet. The actions of these individuals show how fueled with hate America’s young generation truly is. Instead of promoting the idea of civil discourse to solve political issues and disagreements, the left has taken a much different approach… attack the other side until they are beaten into submission. Communism takes hold of a society when free speech is effectively killed. Free speech, along with civil discourse, must be actively fought for.

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Andrew Friedrick was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He will be attending the University of North Florida in the fall. He loves all things related to sports, enjoys the outdoors, and is passionate about politics.

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