Dear Future Leaders: We Don't Need to Destroy Our Economy

By Colton Pickard


Dear Future Leaders, if the United States ever experiences another pandemic, some things should be considered from what we've learned during the worldwide lockdowns in response to COVID-19. As coronavirus swept through America, people favored wearing masks and social distancing, and both have seemed to work to some extent. On the other hand, shutting down the entire country hasn't seemed to work. COVID-19 hasn't been contained as well as those on the left pushing for the lockdowns were hoping. 

Many countries throughout the world had some sort of shutdown throughout this pandemic, including the United States. All but seven states in America had stay-at-home orders in place.1 Their response, or lack thereof, hasn't caused extreme chaos or death. All of those states are in the better half of the country in coronavirus deaths.2 If those states aren't a big enough sample size, we could look towards the mixed-market, not socialist, state of Sweden. The Swedes could give us a better idea of what keeping a country open during a country and not destroying its economy looks like in 2020. 

Many on the left turn to Sweden to share their socialist aspirations for America; the only problem is Sweden, or any other Nordic countries are socialist.3 Sweden has also stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm sure that will not please the left either. The American mainstream media slammed Sweden for not shutting down its entire country, but it looks like it has played in their favor. 

The mainstream media and even the president slammed Sweden over their response, or lack of response, to COVID-19.4 All of these hot takes were spread across the internet earlier this year. Since then, Sweden hasn't seen the horrendous spike that everyone else was expecting, and the mainstream media in America has been quiet. Sweden isn't just doing good; they're doing great. They also proved that the lockdowns don't work, and it's not worth destroying the economy for some perceived safety. 

At the beginning of September, the United States passed Sweden in per capita deaths. Countries that remain shut down, or partially shut down are still passing Sweden.5  The U.S., Brazil, and Chile have all passed Sweden since the beginning of September alone. 

It's clear that big government is getting in the way of citizens protecting and taking care of themselves. Stay-at-home orders have destroyed economies throughout the world, left millions unemployed, and suicide has skyrocketed.6 It's not worth all of that destruction to get the feeling of perceived safety. I hope they will see the failures in the shutdowns and will move towards letting their citizens take care of themselves and won't destroy their economy if the United States is ever faced with a similar situation in the future. 

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Colton Pickard is a Journalism major with a focus in sports and politics at Middle Tennessee State University. Colton is involved with multiple political organizations on campus and is fighting for freedom and educating his peers on the real dangers of socialism.

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