Defunding the Police is Socialist

By Sean Armenta


A recent anti-police movement that seemed benign, has catapulted onto the global stage. They have their eyes set on one objective: defunding the police. Police officers across the United States are under an insurmountable amount of scrutiny. Some mayors have abandoned the traditionalism of public safety and have espoused the "defund the police" movement. With lost support, officers are being arrested for justifiable shootings, self-defense scenarios, which is leading them to be charged with felonies. Many departments are having whole divisions resigning from police work out of fear for their freedom.   

The Marxist organizations behind this movement are being applauded by the same state-level governments that are dispelling the police. Even though 64% of Americans disapprove of the movement, "Defund the police" has caught on like wildfire, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be put out anytime soon. The culprits behind the movement are furthering their socialist agendas. The frontrunner for the Democratic Socialist movement, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had an appearance on Good Morning America to address "defund the police". She stated that the movement was attempting to abate funds from public safety so the government could redistribute those funds to housing, healthcare, and other various social programs. 

Defunding the police departments would be detrimental to our society. Instead of decreasing officer's salaries, it has been proven that increasing their salaries would be more beneficial to the public. Harvard Business Review conducted a study with Amazon on the effect of performance with differing salaries. Higher wages allow firms to attract and retain better employees. They also said increased salary would open up to a larger applicant pool waiting to take over when openings occur and makes it easier to replace a slacker employee. We need to increase funding in public safety. This would allow for a higher quality of police work and lead to less "bad apples", making room for overall better policing in America.

America already has a plethora of funding going to social programs. 59 million Americans depend monthly on government assistance. In 2019 alone, 75 million Americans were enrolled in Medicare/Medicaid. The Heritage Foundation explains, "welfare or aid to poor and low-income persons is now the third most expensive government function. Its cost ranks below support for the elderly through Social Security and Medicare and below government expenditures on education but above spending on national defense."

In 2019 alone, the US spent $1.1 trillion on social programs compared to the reported 2017 public safety spending of $115 billion.  We already spend a large amount on social programs and are greatly underfunding public safety. 

So, why "defund the police" and redistribute funds to social programs? "Defunding police" isn't just about disbanding the police, it's the constant ideological battle we're faced with between socialism and capitalism. The socialists of this country pounce on any chance they get to attack traditional values in America. They used a social justice movement to further their political and economic agenda. By defunding the police and allocating more funds to social programs  they would essentially be moving closer to their goal of collectivism.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”-Winston Churchill

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Sean Armenta is a 22-year-old Colorado native. Sean is a father, son, and currently engaged to an amazing woman. Sean Armenta is a Contributing Writer at Young Americans Against Socialism.

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