Freedom, Motivation, and Capitalism

By Janey Whitney


Capitalism. It’s the system and the ideology that protects both our economic and social freedoms. To understand what capitalism is, we must first understand what it is not. Capitalism is not the oppression of the middle class by the upper class, it is not a beginning transition towards communism, and it is not a selfish or greedy system. Those three qualities are that of socialism. So, what is capitalism, then? Capitalism motivates and allows individuals to earn for themselves, to choose how to invest their money, and to be able to enjoy the benefits. 

Inequality exists naturally within nature. Some people can make a living through dancing, while others weren’t born with the natural ability to dance. Some people naturally enjoy arithmetic and become accountants, while others find it challenging to study mathematics. Not everyone was born with the same mindset, the same work ethic, or the same skills. As such, it shouldn’t be demanded that everyone live in a uniform way, including financial uniformity. 

Capitalism allows for the natural diversities of incomes to exist in society. It will enable those who are more successful in their career path to reflect that both in their income and possessions. Capitalism brings about motivation and a desire to work because you see something you want, and you then know you have to work to obtain that thing you desire to have. 

What is the point in working when you know the government will completely take care of you? When you know the government will take care of you, the motivation to earn an income begins to dissipate. “The notion that the market economy makes people greedy, selfish, and amoral is simply fallacious.”

The market economy makes motivates people. Not just motivated to work and to earn an income, but also motivated to help others through charity. The American Legislative Exchange Council stated, “[w]hen all state taxes are considered, a 1 percentage point increase in the total tax burden is associated with a 1.16 percent drop in charitable giving per dollar of state income.”

When you have the freedom to do as you wish with your money, and you see your savings grow, you are more likely to be generous towards others. So capitalism, in actuality, discourages people from being greedy or selfish.

So, what is capitalism really? Capitalism affects not only our economic system but it also directly affects our freedom to live amongst one another with all of our differences. Capitalism encompasses pluralism and diversity because not everyone is uniform, and not everyone has the same way of earning money.  Those with varying incomes should be able to freely live amongst one another, along with all of our other differences. You cannot prohibit someone being better at math than you, or from being better at dancing than you. There are differences between individuals.


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