Groupthink Leads to Communism

By Rachel Witherspoon


Groupthink is a dangerous game. One that is already ruining many lives in America and, as history has shown us, leads straight to communism. 

Over the past year, I've watched as Hong Kong has fought and stood up against the oppressive Chinese Communist Party. I've thought with a broken heart, of how terrible it must be to be faced with a future in which you did not have the right to have a differing opinion and speak publicly about it. In doing so, you risk not only your life as you know it but those of your families as well. I've prayed for the people of Hong Kong and China alike, while also thanking God most sincerely for blessing me with the gift of being born in a country where I didn't have those fears. Freedom of speech has always been thought of as a fundamental right in America. So fundamental, that it was put in the first amendment of our constitution. I also thanked God because I truly believed, and still believe today, that freedom of speech and the tolerance of so many differing opinions and point of views, is what makes America not only so incredible but the most diverse country in the world. The country that people fleeing communist and socialist regimes run to more than any other. 

I was naive to think that if such measures of intolerance came in America, they would first come down from our government in the same way that such measures have started in countries like Russia, Cuba, and China after their political revolutions. I could never have anticipated that American society itself, not the government, would be the ones to take away, or perhaps "cancel" is the more apt phrase here, the American freedom of speech. A freedom so important that it is one of the most highly coveted freedoms around the world. A freedom that is one of the greatest barriers between a free society and a society chained by Marxist ideologies that have killed millions around the world.

No longer in America is it okay for you to like a tweet that people may disagree with. No longer in America is it okay for you to question anything being peddled by MSM. No longer in America is it okay for you to quote a valid statistic if it risks offending someone. No longer in America can you voice your opinion if it leans too far away from the groupthink that's been instituted. No longer in America can you have done or said something as a teen or college student, no matter how long ago, without facing severe punishment for it now. 

Once we as a society destroy ourselves completely by eliminating the one thing that ensures our true freedom, the difference of opinions and beliefs, we can never come back. 

We must stop it now, and we must stop it together. 

I'm not afraid to stand up and use my voice. Are you?

About Rachel Witherspoon

Twitter: @Rach_Withers

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Rachel Witherspoon is a young American graduate student with a passion for utilizing the knowledge found in economics, business, and political science to help others. She is a fierce advocate for America and an even bigger advocate for the First Amendment.

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