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Socialism, talk about a loaded word. This term seems to have become increasingly overused and undefined. Politicians continuously push for socialism in any and all forms. Unfortunately, it is all the same. No amount of reforming will ever change socialism into something that it is not. By its very nature, it cannot be changed.

True, I have had very little personal interaction with socialism. However, whether or not I have personally experienced, it does not invalidate my opinion. This idea that you have to experience something to be able to talk about it is ridiculous. That would be like saying that you only want a doctor who has had cancer to treat your cancer. This has zero to do with your cancer. It might be helpful that your doctor could tell you some of the specifics of cancer that others might not know through a textbook, but generally speaking, all doctors will tell you the same thing, no matter their personal experience with cancer. It is helpful for my case if I have a personal interaction with whatever the subject of conversation; however, that should not be my crutch, but the cherry on top.

So, with that out of the way, we can get to the juicy stuff. More and more young Americans are falling into the trap that thousands of others did in the Bolshevik revolution or the recent Venezuelan conflict. Why? I mean, haven’t we seen this all play out before? The saying “history repeats itself” suddenly comes to life when we see candidates like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez promising the same ideals as Lenin and Mao did decades ago.

Human nature is a great place to start. Everyone can agree that humans do evil things, and many choose evil over good. This is why we have dictators and tyrants, pedophiles, and psychopaths. Granted, not every single one of the 7.5 billion people on the planet are pedophiles, but everyone has the ability to do evil. Humans take the path of least resistance; we are selfish by nature, doing what we must to survive.

Socialism is dependent on people being selfless and sharing their resources. You already see with taxes that people are begrudgingly giving up what is theirs. This is the hill where socialism was born and eventually died on. When the government realizes that it cannot get you to give up your goods willingly, they use force. Socialism effectively ignores the evils of human nature; it ignores reality. The reality that humans do not by nature share, just ask a toddler to share their toy, or a grown adult to share their ice cream with a total stranger.

Socialism under any title, democratic socialism, redistribution of wealth, economic freedom, etc., is still based upon the same principle that humans are inherently good, especially those who are poor, which is funny because socialism also claims that those who are rich are inherently evil. I would then ask if the goal of socialism is to make everyone equally rich, wouldn’t that make everyone inherently evil?

Socialism continues to baffle the logical and attract the ignorant. History may always repeat itself, but let’s hope that it doesn’t today.


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