Introducing Anthony Ramirez

My name is Anthony Raul Ramirez. I received a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing (Yeah, I know ☹. I wanted to do comedy writing, but the industry is a joke itself.) at the age of 21. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Technical Communication.

As I began college in 2016, I saw an increasing amount of students around me start to support Bernie Sanders’ socialism dream. Social media posts by them over the years would show pictures of him with the caption “FREE COLLEGE!” under it or quoting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with “Experience don’t pay the bills.” 

There was no mention of Sanders saying waiting in lines for food is “a good thing” because at least they get food.1 There was no reference to AOC being negative that people are “more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”2

On top of this, I also found that my friends who had stable jobs were paying college tuition in full without taking on loans they couldn’t pay back, and paid taxes were pro-capitalism. However, these friends tend to stray away from social media entirely or did not put their political beliefs publicly out of fear of “cancel culture.” 

I believe that socialism has attempted to feed off the imaginations of young adults in colleges today. They tell them the only way for better futures to exist is by dismantling the system. They are fed strawman stories of people struggling to make ends meet while also disregarding rich countries such as Venezuela falling from grace because of socialism to the point of being forced to slaughter animals to eat.3 The argument of “This is DEMOCRATIC socialism so it’ll be different” is the same mindset of people believing Diet Cokes are healthy. I began writing for the enjoyment of letting people know information, not mislead them for personal gain. I do not write for lies. I do not write for a hypothesis of “Let’s just see how it’ll work here.” I write for evidence. I write for a reason. I write for facts. I write to inform. The trust for journalism has become extremely dim, and I am looking to be the lightbulb to change that.


Reaching our peers with the truth 

about socialism. 

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