Introducing Audrey Sightler

Hello, my name is Audrey Sightler!

I am originally from Louisiana, but I currently live in Mississippi. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration as well as a Minor in History with Liberty University.

I have earned multiple certifications in International Business with the University of London; I am also a member of the Royal Economic Society as well as the International Churchill Society. On my mother's paternal side, I am a fourth generation-American from Slavic immigrants. My Great-Grandfather arrived at Ellis Island before the beginning of World War II. His homeland of Yugoslavia eventually became a Federalist Marxist - Leninist one-party socialist republic in 1945; thus, he never returned.

I would say a fun fact about me is that Timothy Matlack, the scriber of the Declaration of Independence, and General Nathaniel Greene are my many times' great uncles. My hobbies include a lot of art, whether it is sketching or photography, I enjoy hiking and riding horses as well. I also enjoy conducting historical research.

I am currently preparing for the 2021 Young Scholars Panel at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Society of Military History, hosted by the Joint Advanced Warfighting School, National Defense University.


Reaching our peers with the truth 

about socialism. 

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