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Hello! My name is Avery Castle and I am from North Carolina. I love to read, draw, listen to music, keep up with and debate politics, and learn about mythology, literature, and history (particularly American history and the nation’s founding era). I try to always view things with an open mind, but I am still quite an opinionated person.

I first came across the concept of socialism in a history class. Originally, I was told it was a bygone failure of an ideology that some nations were still, unfortunately, suffering under. Then, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of “The Squad” came along, and suddenly, I was being told socialism was a system that promised equality, the enrichment of all, and free things. As someone who will be attending college soon, free tuition sounded wonderful. But, after doing more research, listening to fact-based lectures against the system, and hearing survival stories of those who escaped socialism and communism, I realized its horrors, unspoken by the radicals who push for it, and how it would ruin the people of the United States if ever implemented. It honestly frightens me how many young people fall victim to its utopian selling point and I hope to be able to write articles that disprove such a notion and defend the values that have made America great!

About Avery

Twitter: @avee1791

As a contributing writer, Avery pens pieces arguing against the socialist agenda being pushed by far too many Americans today. She hopes to persuade others to defend American values and a free economy rather than fall victim to the “awful ideology of economic totalitarianism,” as Michael Knowles well puts the concept of socialism.

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