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By Carson Wolf


Looking back on my 15-year-old self today, I am embarrassed by the fact that I actually identified as an “Anarcho-Communist.” You may be screaming in confusion, “What the •bleep• does that even mean?!” and to that I say, I have no idea. If I’m completely honest, despite thinking I was this “woke Anarcho-Communist,” I didn’t even know what any of those descriptors even meant. The reason I called myself an “Anarcho-Communist,” despite not knowing what it meant, was because all of the popular kids in my grade were self-identified “Eco-Socialists, Marxist-Leninists, Jacobin-Socialists, and Stalinists.”

I was just a follower of this new normal of Communitarian values, simply just following the horde of “cool commies.” However, we didn’t actually believe the values preached by Marx, Marat, or Lenin, as we were all just desperate to be different and really liked the look of the Hammer and Sickle. In actuality, I was giving blind worship to the thought leaders who inspired millions of German extermination squads to march into Austria and murder my Jewish family members and others like me. Little did I know of the antisemitism and bigotry preached in Marx’s works of “Capital: Vol 1” and even the “Communist Manifesto:” Little does anybody really know the ideology.

Marx’s writings actually did inspire me, just not in the way he thought he would. His writings didn’t inspire me to participate in the ‘war of the classes.’ We had a war of the classes, several, actually: The October Revolution, Kristallnacht, the August Revolution, and other conflicts that ended with too many dead. That’s why I stand here today, fighting against socialism, fighting against the precursor to Fascist ideology, fighting against the dangerous revolution brewing among the youth of America in the name of socialism. 

About Carson

Instagram: CarsonHWolf

YouTube: BeThePeople

In addition to fighting in the war against socialism, 18-year-old Carson Wolf is a signed actor living part-time in Los Angeles, California. Carson also lives part-time in the Woodlands, Texas, where he works for the local Republican offices and appears on various county broadcast/podcast studios. Through his political youth show, “Be The People,” and through his work with Young Americans Against Socialism, Carson is determined to unite his generation of increasingly socialist left teenagers and call a truce in America’s “Culture War.”

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