Introducing Christina Grattan

By Christina Grattan


Hey there, my name is Christina Grattan. I grew up in Brea, California, a small town in Orange County, about an hour from Los Angeles. I am attending Biola University, studying political science, hoping to use what I learn to change the world. My family and I are Christians who love the Lord and strive to live out our faith with conviction.  

My hobbies include going to the beach, taking scenic runs and hikes, reading books, creative writing, hanging with friends, studying the Bible, and cooking. From gnocchi to shepherd's pie, cooking truly brings the creative side of me to light. A fun fact is that I have an identical twin sister, and we are both left-handed. For those who are lefties, and struggle, getting pencil led all over your fist when writing, I sympathize with you. 

I have a complicated relationship with socialism, and I am honored to share it here. I was born in China, which is one of the most oppressive communist regimes on this globe. Due to China's One-child policy, a government initiative of excessive family planning to improve the economy, I was placed in an orphanage at birth. It was China's socialist policies that created many female orphans since boys were favored over girls because they stayed with the family.  A recurring theme to me in socialist countries is the devaluation of life, which is evident in China as I could have been easily aborted. To China, I was a disposable commodity, not a human life, which grieves me. Fortunately, I believe that God rescued me. I was soon adopted as a baby and brought to the US by a loving family, which I now call my own. I will never forget, though, the lives that did perish under China's harsh One-child policy.

About Christina

Instagram: @christinagoldieruby

Christina is currently a junior political science major at Biola University, who has a genuine heart to help the world. Her strong faith in God drives her to pursue justice to create a freer and better world, which starts with fighting the lies of socialism. In her free time, you can find her reading books to inform herself, discussing politics, and making frozen yogurt runs.

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