Introducing Colton Pickard

As a college student in a solidly red state, it came to my surprise that my university would be preaching that socialism is superior to capitalism when I arrived on campus. I knew that it wasn’t going to be the same as the small conservative town that I grew up in. Still, I did not expect it to be radically socialized like the University of California at Berkeley, Howard University, or New York University. They are all prominent universities that praise socialism. I was expecting a small culture shock when I arrived on campus, but I didn’t expect socialism to be so popular. 

My name is Colton Pickard. I was born in Jackson, Tennessee, and lived most of my life just north of there in Medina. After graduating high school, I moved south of Nashville to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to continue my education, where I attend Middle Tennessee State University. I am going into my senior year, and I’m a journalism major with a focus on sports and politics. 

Most of my childhood consisted of sports and not much outside of that. During my off time, I usually helped my dad with my sister’s softball or at least go to their games. The 2016 election took place during my senior year, so naturally, I began to develop some of my political opinions during that hyper-political time. 

I didn’t develop most of my political views until after I arrived at college. I survived the indoctrination, and I am now the president of MTSU’s Turning Point USA chapter to fight socialism on my campus. Now I’m happy to be a part of Young Americans Against Socialism to continue the fight against socialism online. 


Reaching our peers with the truth 

about socialism. 

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