Introducing Gabriel Beldea

My name is Gabriel. I live in Montreal, Canada, and I am a first-year student at Marianopolis College (English-speaking CEGEP). In this part of Canada, there is an institution between high school and university called CEGEP that lasts two years. I write for Young Americans Against Socialism because I genuinely love America and the principles it was founded on. The principles of liberty and freedom in America's mission to liberate countries under communism and socialism inspire me. 

I am Romanian (my mother tongue is Romanian as well), but I was born and raised in Canada. I learned how socialism destroyed my family's country. Before becoming socialist, Romania was an emerging kingdom with a promising future (politically and economically). Socialism was imposed on my country by military force; the Romanians did not want the regime change. I knew many people in Romania who were arrested because of their faith, political stance, or because they requested human rights like freedom. My grandfather was arrested during the Romanian revolution in 1989 and was in jail for one month for going out in the street and protesting the oppressive government. During that month, my family did not know of his whereabouts. An Orthodox Christian priest who I know personally was imprisoned for 15 years in horrible conditions while he was in his 20s-30s. The penitentiary he went to called Jilava was famous for having the most ruthless guardians and the most terrible conditions. Even at 94-years-old, one can still see the marks of the chains around his legs. All that only because he was part of a Romanian Christian organization fighting against the atheism of communism.

When I go to my parents' apartments in Bucharest, Romania, I see how small they are, and I wonder how they lived like that when they were young. In my mother's apartment, there were two families living in such a small apartment. After all, you do not possess anything under socialism, so everyone has the right to live in your house. However, I have visited the home of the former communist dictator of Romania, Ceausescu. He has a luxurious house, a wide field of grass and gardens. The whole avenue was blocked, and cars could not come there. In his home, he has a pool, a hairdresser, apartments for his two sons and daughter, magnificent salons, etc. Many famous political figures of that time offered him gifts that are still present in this house like a Muslim prayer carpet offered by the Shah of Iran or vases provided by former French President Charles de Gaulle. As you can see, communist leaders are better off than the people they control and oppress.


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