Introducing Gabriel Simons

My name is Gabriel Simons. I was born in a Christian family and was raised to love my country and respect the flag. Growing up in a family of eight, you had to search for what made you unique, and, for me, it was my fascination with current events. Despite my interest in what was going on in the world at the time, politics never interested me; it seemed boring and bland, all the talk of policy and polished figures...well, that was until Donald Trump arrived. He changed the game for me, and immediately drew me in, and that’s when I got hooked on modern-day politics. 

My interest in politics did not translate to my relationship to socialism until I attended my local college, Daytona State. The moment I arrived in my Federal Government class for the first time, this mania of young people infatuated by socialism became evident. At first, it simply seemed as if they had an optimistically tweaked view of socialism, but then I realized that they had no idea what true socialism was. It seemed as if the history of what socialism ultimately had led to, and the horrible truth of its intentions were swept under the rug. The “socialism” these kids had been sold was like putting a red bow and spraying some Febreze on a steaming hot pile of trash. Worst of all, the overwhelming majority of the students and the teachers hold this view, but they would not accept any hint of an opposing idea or contemplate for a second if that idea had any truth. This became very evident any time a fellow conservative student or I would share our views; we weren’t respectfully allowed to finish our thoughts. Instead, they all simultaneously ganged up on the lone conservative and squashed out any hint of opposition.

During my intro to college, I realized our generation would face one of the most important battles, and it wouldn’t be won by yelling at socialists for being dumb. Instead, one can engage in one-on-one conversation and open dialogue to allow them to think for themselves and stop being controlled. What interested me in YAAS, is the shared goal to educate a generation that has been lied to, handed false promises, and is being led down the path of the destruction of America. Instead of looking down on people as their intellectual higher-ups, the path of reaching out to the other side, and merely trying to get people to see the truth is a mission I can get behind and support. I am very thankful for this opportunity and pray that I can make the most of it. 


Reaching our peers with the truth 

about socialism. 

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