Introducing Janey Whitney

By Janey Whitney


Hey everyone, my name is Janey Whitney! 

I have always had a drive for writing and for arguing topics I am passionate, and boy am I passionate, about fighting the socialist agenda. Anyone that knows me will tell you how much I love my country, so it goes without saying that I’d want to preserve the USA from the economic disaster that is socialism.

I grew up in the great state of Alabama, where I attended Samford University. Quick little fun fact about me: before I graduated college in 2019, I was actively involved with conservative student groups, which included serving as the Alabama state chair of College Republicans from 2019-2020! I continue to remain politically involved, and in my spare time I love to watch the latest news and strengthen my knowledge of conservative policies.

Although I don’t have the first-hand experience of socialism, I do have first-hand experience of the capitalist system and of college campuses. My professors weren’t exactly praising capitalism, or any conservative approach for that matter, during my time in college. That didn’t stop me from doing my own research and developing my own views, leading me to the very pro-capitalist stance I hold today. As a full-time student, I worked a full-time job through college while also holding several internships. America is great because these opportunities are available to everyone, and those that choose to work harder, receive more reward. Socialism focuses so much on equality for everyone, that it loses the aspect of fairness and freedom that we need in our society. America is the land of the free, and that leaves no place for socialism. I am so excited to be able to share more of my thoughts on the topic as a contributing writer for Young Americans Against Socialism! 

About Janey

Twitter: @JaneyLauren

Instagram: @Janey_1998

LinkedIn: Janey Whitney

Janey Whitney is a 2019 graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Law, Politics and Society. Janey has volunteered, interned, and worked in several different political settings: including law firms, think tanks, and political campaigns. She hopes to run for office one day, in hopes to combat socialist ideals and to fight to keep America the same great country we all love.

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