Introducing Julea Pehl

By Julea Pehl


Hello! My name is Julea Pehl, and I am so elated and grateful for this opportunity to write alongside other YAAS contributors to inform the young generations of the truth and encourage them to stand up and save America from the socialist propaganda of the far-left.

I was born, raised, and still live in Texas. I can summarize my childhood and young adult life as being an avid reader of Jane Austen’s novels, a fascinated student of Latin texts, and a fellow listener, alongside my mom, of The Rush Limbaugh Show. My mom would listen to Rush Limbaugh with her father when she was younger, and now I do the same with her. My family taught me that America, its founding and constitution, and its capitalistic system are to be cherished and respected and that I must be an active citizen, not a passive one. 

Now, I am a junior at the University of Dallas, majoring in politics and classics. I appreciate that my college educates its students so that we may become individual free thinkers, seeking the truth, and not an indoctrinated student body. Their intention results in the strong culture of friendly debate, as young adults do not all think alike nor value the same things. 

It is crucial that young Americans come to understand the dangers of allowing socialism into the heart of our country. Socialism is a form of slavery, where the government is the master and the citizens are the slaves, exemplified by its economic system being the cause of its resulted political dictatorship. Even now, far-left politicians are infiltrating America with socialists ideals and policies. We must inform the young adults of the alarming consequences of discarding the U.S. Constitution for the socialist illusion of “happiness”, in order to prevent and abolish this infiltration of evil.

Personally, I am passionate about becoming educated on the subjects of capitalism and socialism, and more generally about political events, both current and historical, by reading classics and modern writings regarding these topics. In my contributions, I want to promote the thoughts of individuals who have researched and written about these subject matters. 

I will not be a part of the silent majority of conservatives; I will be a part of the active voices of conservatives so that socialism may be prevented from destroying America. I hope you all want to take part in this special pursuit to understand the dangers and the immorality of socialism, to appreciate and uphold the principles of capitalism, and possibly to be encouraged to make your own voice heard during this important time in American history. 

About Julea

Instagram: @Julea_Pehl

Julea Pehl is a junior at the University of Dallas and is majoring in politics and classics. She aspires to help educate the young, American generation to appreciate and cultivate their wonderful country. Julea was born, raised, and is still living in Texas. She loves to read Jane Austen’s novels, translate Latin texts, and send hand-written letters to her friends and family.

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