Introducing Maria Buenano

By Maria Buenano


Hello, my name is Maria Buenano, and I live in Orlando, Florida. I work as a special projects intern for Florida Citizen’s Alliance, which is a non-profit organization that fights for school choice and religious freedom for students in the public school system. FLCA also works to improve testing, to eliminate Common Core, and provides HOPE scholarships to disadvantaged students who wish to attend private and charter schools. Improving the public school system is a passion of mine, along with fighting for the freedom of individuals in pursuit of the American Dream. 

I became interested in Young Americans Against Socialism when I started college. I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh, so I always understood the dangers and recognized the signs of socialism creeping into our constitutional republic, but I did not realize just how embedded those socialist ideologies were in academia until I was fully immersed in it. The lack of diverse ideas in the “reputable” academic community baffled me, and the so-called tolerance of the progressive left silenced all conflicting viewpoints that did not fit the narrative which was so heavily propagated by the mainstream media. I became increasingly determined to speak out against the problems with “equitable outcomes for all,” as well as the progressive mantras which birthed such utopian notions. 

I sit here today fully convinced that young generations of Americans have the ability and the drive to organize together in order to protect the freedoms and the privileges which we all enjoy, and I am more determined now more than ever to keep the American Dream alive. I am confident that through the upcoming years of commitment which these American patriots present, YAAS will shed light on the progressive deterioration of America, in order to resuscitate the passion for freedom and the drive for success which that freedom motivates.

About Maria

Twitter: @MaccDeplorable

Instagram: MWil15

Maria Buenano has many passions aside from being a testament to American liberty. She is an entrepreneur and student who is studying Business and Organizational Leadership at Valencia College.

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