Introducing Maria Fernanda Bello

It would be easier to tell you why I am against socialism, but it would be way harder to tell you what I went through while living in a socialist country.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Maria Bello, and I am from Venezuela, and this is how socialism destroyed my country.

It all started when Hugo Chavez got elected to be the new president of Venezuela in 1998, to begin with his presidential term in 1999.

Chavez promised so many free things, just as Bernie Sanders, but the only thing he did not promise his citizens was freedom.

To you guys, freedom is the act of being able to do whatever you want, to us is everything.

I never knew what freedom was like until I came here, almost seven years ago.

In the United States, you have something called freedom of speech as your first amendment; sadly, we do not have anything like this in Venezuela.

If you speak against the government, then there are only two choices: you either end up in jail or they will take your life away.

Socialist and communist countries or governments don't want the international community to know what they are doing to their own people, so worldwide citizens believe their political system works.

These kinds of regimes will start by censoring every television channel, newspaper, radio station, WiFi services, every kind of media that could give access to citizens to speak against them, and when you feel like you can not handle it anymore then that's when you realize you need to speak up and do something, they will not let you, and that's when you know your life does not matter to them because they will do anything that's on their power to make sure you do not say anything and no one ever knows what a true socialist is like.


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