Introducing Rachel Witherspoon

Hello everyone, my name is Rachel Witherspoon, and I'm honored to be a contributor for YAAS!

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to have never experienced socialism; however, my educational background, interest in history, and my fervent love for the United States has grounded me in the belief that socialism would be the effective death of the US. 

I have two bachelor's degrees, one in business administration and one in economics, and a minor in political science. Given that combination, it's reasonable to assume I'm partial to capitalism, but I'm most passionate about educating younger generations on the perils of socialism and communism. I believe a lot of young Americans have been sold their ideas without taking heed to the realities of the destruction they cause. The most significant destruction is that of individual freedom. 

My very great grandfather John Witherspoon signed the Declaration of Independence, another great grandfather fought in the Civil War to free the slaves, skipping a few generations—my grandfather was in the Navy, and now so is my brother. What they all have in common is that they, along with all the other brave men and women of the armed forces, fought or are fighting to defend our freedoms in America. If we were to go to a system where Americans weren't free to generate their wealth (socialism) or to raise their families on land they own themselves (communism), Americans would lose two essential, albeit lesser thought about, freedoms: economic and property. 

While economic freedom is fundamental for an individual to determine how they wish to live their own life, freedom to own property is supported by the US constitution. Amendment 14 Section I says, "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property." These are two basic freedoms that we as Americans don't even give a second thought about because we've never been faced with a system that threatens them, and many other, potentially more important freedoms. That's what I want to do here, make people think about what they are putting at risk when they talk about wanting to implement socialism in America. 

As this is my introductory piece, I figured I'd start with the kindest example of socialism/communism I can think of. Rest assured, throughout my pieces I hope to provide you with information on the economic condition in Venezuela, all of the horrific atrocities communism allows the Chinese government to do to their citizens, and why America became the model of democracy around the world and why we need to keep it that way. 

Fun Fact: The official American political system is a "Constitutional Republic," not a democracy. 


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