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By Sean MacCormac


My name is Sean MacCormac, a graduate of the University of Virginia and a possible PhD candidate. A historian by education, Roman Catholic by religion, libertarian by political philosophy, and a Jacksonian on foreign policy, I recognize the threat to life and liberty posed by central economic planning.

I have written articles for the Daily Wire, Center for Security Policy, and Hudson Institute in the past, and my political philosophy is heavily influenced by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Friederich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, and Thomas Aquinas. Much of my political writing background is in a foreign policy context, so I often use that with my historical knowledge base to show Americans and others living in western democratic nations why command economies and centralized systems are harmful to prosperity and freedom.

I decided to write for Young Americans Against Socialism as it is abundantly clear to me that the United States is currently in danger of falling to a far left revisionist interpretation of history and economics and there is little attempt by the libertarian right to promote their own views to younger Americans. I currently live in Appalachia where I enjoy hiking, weight lifting, target shooting, and writing, mainly about politics and philosophy, in my free time.

About Sean

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Sean MacCormac is a graduate of the University of Virginia, historian by education, and armchair philosopher. He is an avid reader, a proud American, and a conservatarian.

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