Introducing Tess Jenan

My name is Tess Jenan, and I am the Editor-In-Chief here at Young Americans Against Socialism. I oversee the blog portion of YAAS and the staff of Contributing Writers. I was raised in Southern California, and despite living in two other states, have returned once again. 

As an avid reader, I began growing a substantial book collection, focusing on political thought, history, and philosophy. Throughout grade school, I sought out every opportunity to write. I entered many writing workshops and contests to fine-tune my writing abilities.

I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for some time in high school. There, I attended a dance school, where I pursued a career in professional ballet. The intensity of finishing high school and being a full-time athlete challenged me to face uncomfortable situations with confidence and self-assurance. After spending nearly a decade as a dancer, I switched out my ballet slippers for a degree. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a Minor in Writing.

When I went to Portland, Oregon, to attend Oregon State University, I was exposed to socialism in a way that I had never experienced before.

All of my classmates and friends were proponents of a socialist agenda and sought the spread of socialist policies throughout the United States. When I would ask them why they wanted socialism in the United States, they could not define socialism. 

Our professors encouraged socialist policies, outlining how the sins of capitalism could never be erased; a new era was upon us. When I would argue the validity of their points with references to the failed states of Venezuela and Cuba, I was met with dismissive and unresolved answers.

Our education system is not providing our young people with the information they need to make well-informed and thorough decisions about our economic policy. We seek human flourishing, but we cannot achieve that by erasing history and reality. We have to seek useful and practical changes; we cannot focus on the theories and what-ifs. Socialism does not work. 

We must actively fight to unravel the lies of those pioneering the socialist doctrine here in the United States. We have to preserve our freedoms, so that we can protect those who fled socialist countries who are seeking a better life here.

Freedom is not maintained through passivity. It must be fought for constantly.


Reaching our peers with the truth 

about socialism. 

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