Kayfabe is Good; Winning is Better

By Christian Carvajal


The Left has enough content to fund episodes of Black Mirror to the tune of Days of Our Lives. Both sides of the political aisle partake in their fair share of political chicanery. While the country's political class goes out in a blaze of glory, the American people continue to suffer while interlocked in a political shouting match. Simultaneously, expecting social media to provide nuanced perspectives while always refreshing politically charged talking points is naive; making society feel more informed was always the objective of social media. 

The left reserves the right to change their minds in perpetuity. Social media is the monkey wrench that allows that to occur, prioritizing immediate connectivity for diluted forms of human connection and experiences. As the guardians of truth, they never underestimate their ability to be wrong; calling themselves democratic doesn't make them so. Conservatives continue to oblige by eating straight out of their hands; reactions are our generation's cultural currency. The right predictability relegates themselves to walking on eggshells; kayfabe is good; winning is even better.

Everything on the internet is real until proven otherwise. On social media, we all think we live rent-free in the minds of absolute strangers. Every day, hundreds of Youtube videos are created but never viewed, waiting to be discovered. The messages simplified for consumption afflicts journalism to its core, beholden to culture just as Andrew Breitbart somewhat predicted. Social media personalities are not extensions of who you meet in person; think of it as an open journal. Insecurity projects like confidence and trending Twitter topics that rank and leverage groupthink instead of developing new insights. On the internet, conformity is expected. 

Conservatives need to stay in their lane, and leftists need to stop gambling with other people's lunch money. The more conservatives attempt to control the mainstream narrative, the more likely they become a part of the toxic political discourse and less about winning. If no one is listening, a coup de grace is just a flesh wound on social media.

Cultural competence is demonstrated in the form of likes, shares, and subscribers, driving some individuals and companies into a blissful ignorance about their company's profits and performance. The self-appointed gatekeepers and the status quo want predictability, and ratings, bless their souls. Corporate America's ongoing need for immediate feedback derives unhealthy susceptibility to virality and consensus-building.

The human psyche resides on the internet. Social media serves as the repository of emotional and societal intricacies, becoming a therapist of sorts. To the Millennial and GenZ, does the market account for the externalities brewing among content moderators that experienced internet users' shifting persona like those on Catfish? Human emotions are interchangeable within the purview of sentient computers, algorithms, and careerist analysts to discern. On any given day, the left view arguments wrapped in sarcasm and wit as competing narratives challenge political worldviews while undermining professional egos and status. Opinions quickly turn to violence when free speech posturing is mixed with lucrative careers on the line. 

Don Draper was selling ads, making sense of virality without the internet before an elective course at Wharton. If you want to see what your time is worth on the open market, check the Facebook and Twitter stock prices, or better yet, the hourly rate for a psychiatrist, then look in the mirror. 

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Christian Carvajal is a New York Contributing Writer for Young Americans Against Socialism. He holds a B.S. from St. John’s University and is a graduate student. When he is not reporting on socialism running wild in America, you can find him at Prince St. Pizza in N.Y.C, researching issues in higher education, or outdoors hiking.

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