No, The Nordic Countries Are Not Socialist

By Colton Pickard


Finland was named the happiest country in the world, with Denmark coming in second and Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, all finishing in the top-ten.1 The 2020 World Happiness Report found that four Nordic countries are some of the happiest nations in the world. The report has been used repeatedly by Democratic Socialists to trick Americans into believing that Socialism has made these Nordic Countries the happiest in the world. 

Although they are among the happiest in the world, it’s not because of socialism. It can be attributed to capitalism. The Nordic Countries have a mixed-capitalist system, and they’re far from socialist. The Nordic Countries have embraced free-markets and individual choice, 2 something socialist countries do not allow their people to embrace. If you want to look at countries with socialist or communist governments, then you will have to look below the United States where you could find Venezuela, China, Vietnam, and North Korea, just to name a few.

Since the 1990s, the Nordic Countries have been separating themselves from Socialism and government intervention by eliminating a multitude of government programs and cutting taxes. Finland 3 and Iceland 4 have been republics since the 20th century. Yes, a republic, the same political system that America uses.

One of the main things that the Democratic Socialists focus on is the minimum wage. Sanders and other American Socialists believe the government needs to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour so that Americans can be paid like the Scandinavians. Sweden is the main country that is focused on in this situation, but what Sanders and other prominent Democratic Socialists fail to mention is that the minimum wage in Sweden is agreed upon by unions and private companies.5 The Swedish government does not have a government-mandated minimum wage, so if Sanders wants to advocate for Sweden’s minimum wage model, then he’s advocating for the opposite of Socialism. Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland join Sweden with no government-mandated minimum wage. 

Denmark Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has repeatedly responded to Bernie Sanders’ claims of Denmark being socialist by correcting Sanders and informing him that Denmark is a Market Economy, including in a speech at Harvard University last year. “I know that some people associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism,” Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said. “I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.”6

As you can see, the Nordic Countries are not the Socialist model that Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialist colleagues say they are. The Socialist Left is continuing to manipulate millions of Young Americans into believing that the Nordic Countries are Socialist when they’re far from it. 

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