Our Education System Failed Our Children

By Sean Armenta


As of recently, we've been subject to seeing atrocities all over our country. Many major cities have burnt down businesses, as stores are emptied, and violence runs rampant in the downtown areas. The police are in full riot gear as they launch tear gas and barrages of rubber ammunition into crowds of rioters and looters. 

At first, we all stood together against injustice. Many Americans took to the streets to voice their rage for the unwarranted death of George Floyd. Quickly we witnessed a hijack of these protests by far-left Americans with an alternative agenda. Young Americans emerged draped in black outfits while brandishing the hammer and sickle on homemade riot shields and clothing. Anarchy erupted, and they began smashing windows, setting fires, and brutalizing police officers and civilians. 

They spray-painted anti-capitalistic remarks onto buildings, tore down statues of historical figures, and formed autonomous zones riddled with violence and theft. Something that started as a social justice movement has very quickly turned into somewhat of a "communist revolution." 

Many Americans may be wondering, "How did we get here?".  The increase in popularity of socialism is in direct correlation to the events currently taking place. 

Statistically, Gen Z'ers are split almost directly in half between supporting capitalism and socialism (51% to 49%). It is evident where the divide is being manufactured -- the battlegrounds are college campuses. 

According to a study conducted by the National Association of Scholars, the ratio of liberal professors to their conservative counterparts is an astounding 9:1. With female professors dominating college campuses 16.4:1 and males a mere 6.4:1. 

Now here is where this becomes problematic; if professors created a non-biased class setting, it would be of no issue, but they undoubtedly are biased in their teachings.1 The liberal professors are indoctrinating young students with their ideological love affair with socialism. Professors who are inculcating their personal agendas on impressionable students are doing a paramount disservice. We need a nonbiased curriculum so students can formulate their own ideas. The education system is failing young Americans. Instead of allowing discourse and fruition of differing ideologies, students are forced to stay quiet out of fear of academic and social repercussions. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education2 found that 54% of students have censored themselves, much like most media platforms and modern-day politics. We are currently witnessing the byproduct of the failing education system. The failure began with classroom censorship, went to protesting conservative speakers and attacking the supporters who attended, and now onto a national scale with riots and mass boycotting of conservatives. If we want young minds to blossom intellectually, we need to stop the war on freedom of thought and expression. We need to help cultivate an environment where students can openly express all viewpoints. If the education system continues on its path of censorship and biased curriculum, the United States will be negatively altered for future generations.

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Sean Armenta is a 22-year-old Colorado native. Sean is a father, son, and currently engaged to an amazing woman. Sean Armenta is a Contributing Writer at Young Americans Against Socialism.

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