Our Generation Is Obsessed With Virtue Signaling

By Andrew Friedrick


Young Americans today are very focused on appearance and what others think about 

them. Teenagers and Millennials tend to follow social trends, often without questioning the purpose of doing so. The left has seen the naivety of America’s youth and has seduced many into carrying out their own agenda for them. “Cancel culture,” as defined by the Macmillan Dictionary, is the practice of no longer supporting people, especially celebrities, or products that are regarded as unacceptable or problematic. 1 Cancel culture has become widely practiced in today’s society.  The fear of being publicly shamed has been effectively weaponized by the left. A society that shames civil dialogue or peaceful debate regarding political ideology or beliefs is a society that is becoming more and more Marxist.  

Instead of coming together and resolving issues, the left preaches that anyone who disagrees with their ideology or agenda is the lowest person in society. This creates a young generation filled with hate, not compassion.  Young Americans are taught anti-conservative values and are told that our country’s founding principles were not progressive. To question the validity of leftist ideology as a high school or college student will most likely result in public backlash from professors, teachers, and fellow students.  What is the result of our young generation being fed leftist propaganda? A generation bent on making themselves appear as the Good Samaritans of society. The underlying motive of having a “progressive” social media appearance is one of self-righteousness and virtue signaling. Many supporters of Black Lives Matter are ironically white progressives. According to a Gallup poll conducted in early August, 61% of Black Americans want the same amount of police presence in their neighborhoods. 2 This, of course, raises the question… where is all the support for Black Lives Matter coming from if the majority of Black Americans do not want police presence to disappear? BLM has received large amounts of donations and support from white social justice warriors who make it their aim to prove themselves as non-racists. Utilizing and exposing the self-righteousness of America’s young generation has become a successful tactic of the left. 

Along with indoctrination at the school and university level, the left has been able to get celebrities and athletes on board with their radical ideology as those with popularity have a large influence. Figures at the top of society with no minds of their own have become the voices of reason. A large percent of our generation tends to go with social trends and whatever is popular. The influence of major figures in society has contributed to the spreading of radical leftist thought. An American society without young, free thinkers is a society that is headed in a dangerous direction. Marxist ideology takes hold when individuals are raised to question nothing. America must advocate constantly for free speech and open, peaceful discussion without resorting to bashing another person’s personal and political beliefs and ideology.  

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Andrew Friedrick was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He will be attending the University of North Florida in the fall. He loves all things related to sports, enjoys the outdoors, and is passionate about politics.

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