Paradigm Shift

By Anonymous


To the radical left , The American Dream ™, is a pejorative, used to distract you from the fact that the people who have risen to the pinnacle of success are the exception, not the rule.

When the laws of human nature and the limits of government cannot exist in tandem, condemning the economy, the stock market, and any other societal construction is seen as business as usual. They must rationalize and advance their self-interest. In other words, conveniently conflating corporatism and capitalism sets the tone. 

Success can only occur when the old guard allows it to happen. Innovating, creating, accomplishing anything without government approval is otherwise a life sentence to the Night's Watch or, worse, subjected to government regulation. Keeping a roster of optimistic Americans is how the socialist thinks the conservatives are keeping the American dream alive. Therefore, Americans will identify with patriotism, freedom, and liberty as the reasons for their success. The left can't tell you what American exceptionalism means any more than they can define socialism. Does The 1619 Project “challenge” our assumptions about American life and culture-based power dynamics expressed through slavery or just intellectual cannon fodder? 

To the radical left, racism predates slavery. It informs their worldview on systems of oppression and hierarchies of command that explain the top one percent’s opulent lifestyles, not work ethic and tenacity. Today, Americans may not be directly eating fruit from the poisonous tree, but their advantages are no less real, invisible to the naked eye. This indescribable advantage has materialized in concrete, measurable terms otherwise described through Critical Race Theory. 

If this all sounds like a joke, it's probably because it is, but if you say that too loudly, someone might add you to this week's canceled list. 

To the conservatives who believe the answer to this madness is logic and reason, bless your hearts and the radical left …

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