President Trump Has Coronavirus and the Left Is Celebrating

By Christopher Lomauro


President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have both tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

At the time of this writing, President Trump is experiencing mild symptoms and fatigue and is receiving an experimental antibody drug treatment created by American biotechnology company Regeneron. 1 Likewise, the First Lady is experiencing mild symptoms which include a cough and a slight headache, and the White House has not yet released a report regarding any treatment she may be undergoing now or in the near future. 2 It is evident that the leader of the free world testing positive for a virus that has altered society in unprecedented ways is something that should lead to a political hiatus. However, a variety of left-wing officials, media outlets, and opinion leaders have seized this opportunity to politicize the unfortunate event and even wish death upon the President. 

Shortly after the announcement of Donald and Melania Trump’s positive coronavirus diagnosis, Zara Rahim, a former member of the Obama administration and spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton, took to Twitter to publicly convey that she wishes the President would succumb to the coronavirus.3 Even the most prominent left-wing officials are mocking and politicizing the President’s condition. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer recently made a statement in which he said Trump’s positive coronavirus test is a result of what happens “when you ignore science.” Schumer has also called for recently confirmed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to self-isolate due to her recent contact with President Trump. 4 Senator Chris Murphy has also politicized the President’s diagnosis amid the current pandemic. Murphy, citing a concern that the spread of the coronavirus in Washington, D.C. must be further investigated before any business in the Senate proceeds, also argued that the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett should be halted until further notice.

The Washington Post tweeted a link to an opinion article that urged readers to imagine what a world without the President would look like before abruptly removing both the tweet and the article from their platform. 6 CNBC also published an article the morning after the news broke of the President’s positive coronavirus test focusing on how it would affect his polling numbers as opposed to focusing on how it would affect the country. 7 Later that afternoon, Vox posted a piece which urged readers not to trust President Trump’s word on the state of his health as he goes through his recovery process. 8 Local media organizations have also chosen to take political jabs at the President and his First Lady instead of wishing him a speedy recovery. City Pages, a weekly newspaper centered in the Minneapolis area, posted an article headlined, “Let’s laugh at all these really good ‘Trump has COVID’ tweets.” The article’s subheadline detailed the author’s exuberance regarding the recent news, and one featured tweet stated that “it would be insanely funny if he [Trump] died of the coronavirus.” 9

As many on the left continue to mock the President of the United States contracting a deadly foreign virus, America as a nation should begin to wonder what has become of patriotism, allegiance to the flag, and respect for the oval office as cultural norms in our country. John F. Kennedy, one of the great presidents in American history, proclaimed that we should “not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.” When it comes to the recent news that both President Trump and his First Lady have contracted the novel coronavirus, Americans of all political affiliations should know that making a mockery of such a serious event is as inhumane as it is un-American.

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