Sweden Continues to Prove the Socialist Narrative Wrong

By Colton Pickard


For years, the socialist left in America has been praising Sweden and other countries in the Nordic region for its progress towards socialism. The left has crafted its economic plan for America around Sweden’s success, except Sweden isn’t socialist. 1 Sweden is a mixed-market economy, and they haven’t been shy about admitting that. 

The lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic is another example that Sweden isn’t socialist, and the Swedish government isn’t overreaching its power like many governors in America have done since the Spring. Sweden is one of a handful of places that didn’t have strict lockdowns at any point throughout the pandemic. Naturally, many on the left made sure to attack their previous socialist love affair and called them selfish for not forcing all of its citizens to stay inside for the past six months. 

The fact that Sweden decided that fewer restrictions were better when it came to the pandemic is proof that they believe in the free market more than they believe in big government restrictions. While the American left pushed for harsh lockdowns and restrictions that would devastate our economy more than the current lockdowns already have, Sweden did the opposite and has had a better outcome to COVID than the U.S. 

A majority of Europe is currently experiencing a second wave of the COVID-19 virus. Do you know who isn’t? Sweden. The success that Sweden has seen from not going through a lockdown has even swayed the opinion of the World Health Organization as the WHO is now saying that they are against lockdowns. 2

New York had some of the harshest lockdowns in the country, and Sweden has responded far better than New York to coronavirus. New York peaked at nearly 40 deaths per million per day while Sweden peaked at less than ten deaths per million per day. Not only did Sweden preserve its economy and force its citizens to stay inside their homes for months, but they also saved many lives by not shutting down. 

While Americans are too busy politicizing COVID-19, Sweden didn’t allow politics to get in the way of their decision-making and allowed its people to take care of themselves. Sweden proved with another example that they’re not a socialist nation, and there is no need to shut down an entire country to survive COVID-19. 

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Colton Pickard is a Journalism major with a focus in sports and politics at Middle Tennessee State University. Colton is involved with multiple political organizations on campus and is fighting for freedom and educating his peers on the real dangers of socialism.

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