The Danger of Modern Tech Monopolies

By Gabriel Simons


The left has completely taken over the modern Tech Industry. It’s not hard to notice that they have made a coordinated effort to remove right-wing content and, in some cases, completely remove people like Alex Jones and others from the internet. As Kanye West put it 1, they follow a four-step process of distracting, discrediting, dismissing, and finally destroying those who retaliate against their tyranny. It’s getting to the point where the President of the United States cannot even question the authenticity of mail-in voting without being censored by Twitter. 2 It raises the question, how long will we put up with tech censorship from the social media monopoly the left controls in the name of private business? If the federal government engaged in targeted right-wing censorship, 3 manipulated search results, 4 and shadowbanning, 5 “conservatives” in DC and abroad would be up in a frenzy until the problem was solved. Why are we ok with this assault on our first amendment when private companies do it? 

The cowardice from modern “conservatives” who allow right-winger’s voices to be removed from the modern public square without making any effort to stop it (in the hopes that this monster will eat them last) is shameful. We won’t be able to fight for free speech or even get those elected who will when we cannot engage with the modern digital society. 

The people who run these left-wing tech companies hate the people of this country and those who defend our heritage. Tech censorship is one of the biggest problems facing our country at the moment, so why does it matter whether tyranny comes from the state or private social media companies? Tyranny is tyranny, all the same, no matter who it comes from. The intended damage is taking place regardless. The same argument applies to the mainstream media. Why does it matter whether the fabric of our nation is being torn apart by state-controlled media like in Communist China or the privately-owned media in America? While I wish I had the answer to this threat against our way of life as patriotic Americans, I don’t. But in order to properly fight back against an attack, it is absolutely necessary to first properly identify who is on our team and who isn’t, and then move forward from there. We must not let our country and everything we love burn in front of our eyes in the name of private business. 

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Gabriel Simons is a 17-year-old Florida native. He was taught to fear the Lord, love his country, and respect the flag.

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