The Dangers of Cancel Culture in a Free Society

By Isabella Agrusa


Cancel culture is defined as “the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive” 1 and often leads to disregarding the existence of these figures.

Within the last five years, cancel culture has exploded into this normal thing where people void someone or something because of an action or a verbal statement. While there are some people who should be looked down upon and called out for inappropriate statements and actions, canceling and removing them from history will only lead to us repeating their faults. 

Now, a minuscule thing said, even from 30 years ago, can be deemed as wrong, and you are sent to the "Twitter morality court” by others on the platform for what they consider as wrong and foul-play. Cancel culture is a dangerous disease caused by the need to constantly be politically correct. Free speech is one of the most important tenets in American society and the gravest outcome of cancel culture is self-censorship. As Americans, we must be loud and stand firmly in what we believe and not give in to the fear of cancellation. 

We cannot and will not progress as a society unless we are able to respectfully debate and talk about our ideas and beliefs; shutting out others’ opinions and criticizing the person, not the idea, will only limit us. 

Cancel culture has spun out of control, with recent calls to cancel the founders of our country. The removal of our own history is treacherous and could lead to an Orwellian state where true history is unknown. We must put an end to cancel culture or else we will inevitably repeat the mistakes of all canceled people, hindering our society from progressing and ultimately reliving the past. 

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Isabella currently attends Michigan State and will graduate in 2024.

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