The Dangers of Defunding the Police

By Christopher Lomauro


Since 2009 when the National Assembly of Venezuela authorized the establishment of a national police force, the once affluent South American nation has suffered from rising rates of violent crime, police brutality, and human rights violations on behalf of its fragmented law enforcement agencies. 1

Now a totalitarian regime where the national police force, known as the FAES, instills subservience to the government into its citizens through the use of brutal force, the current state of Venezuela should serve as a paradigm for progressive officials in America who often look to gauge the effectiveness of a socialistic living system where one centralized police force attempts to rule over an entire nation. In 2018 alone, the Venezuelan government recorded 5,287 deaths in relation to civilian resistance to authority, and this far outpaced any other country in the world. This figure should serve as evidence that centralized national police forces are not a plausible remedy as it pertains to tackling the social issue of police brutality. 2

Instead, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, two of the most notable pro-socialism officials in the United States, have been outspoken in their collective desire to implement a policy similar to that which drove Venezuela into the socialist dystopia predicated on widespread crime, poverty, and civil unrest that it is today. 3 As the movement to defund police continues to gain traction in the United States amongst far-left politicians and socialist-supporting citizens alike, the looming consequences of this transition towards an authoritarian police state are already becoming increasingly apparent in New York City. 

Mayor De Blasio’s proposed $1 billion NYPD budget cut comes amid an unprecedented spike in violent crime rates throughout the city. 4 During the month of May, NYC saw a 64 percent uptick in shooting incidents compared to last year. Likewise, the number of deadly shootings that occurred in NYC during the month of June has also doubled this year in comparison to last year, and 27 shootings took place over the 4th of July weekend alone. Despite De Blasio himself claiming to have concern regarding a correlation between fewer patrolling officers throughout the city and a continuous increase in violent crime rates, the Mayor has remained adamant in his newly adopted anti-police stance since making his decision to cut NYPD funding on June 29. 5

Despite De Blasio’s budget cut eliminating around one-sixth of the total NYPD budget, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has claimed that the reform proposed by the city’s Mayor is insufficient. The representative of New York’s 14th district recently went on record in early July saying: “defund the police means defund the police'', in response to questions about De Blasio’s recent decision to cut NYPD funding.

With crime rates throughout the city already skyrocketing this year as racial division and the active pandemic continue to lead to civil unrest throughout the United States, the anti-police fervor being exhibited by two of New York City’s most powerful officials could not be coming at a more unfavorable time. 7

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