The Demise of Individualism

By Gabriel Simons


In the United States, the individual's value is declining due to socialism's class-warfare framing. Instead of people viewing themselves as individuals with an ability to separate from the masses with their unique skill sets or beliefs, the frame of view is shifted to look through the lens of group identity. In the current case for our country, the group identity for the left is centered around oppressed groups. Individuals are either a part of the oppressing group, or those being oppressed, and it is up to the oppressed group to seek vengeance by taking from the oppressors. This is why the modern socialist left's agenda has largely tied into the intersectionality hierarchy, where your opinion only matters relative to how oppressed you are.

Of course, the left then chooses which groups rank highest and which rank lowest, and the more oppressed groups you fall under, the higher your oppressed score becomes. This is how socialism has always taken power; a "unifying" leader claims he or she will liberate the oppressed group of citizens from those oppressing them. For the individuals that stand up and choose to think for themselves? They are simply steamrolled over and destroyed in the name of "justice" and "equality." For a long time in America, equality of opportunity has been the gold standard and has worked very well in rewarding those who put in the work to become successful. Now the gold standard is shifting; for the modern left, the gold standard is equality of outcome. Instead of valuing individual choices and individual effort, group identity is prioritized. This erases the fundamental belief in the power of the individual that America has held since the founding and instead incentivizes the identity politics that the left has leveraged for political gain. When group identity is placed over somebody's hard work and good choices, you end up with unbearable college kids that want you to pay off their $40,000 student loan debt for their gender studies degree. 

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Gabriel Simons is a 17-year-old Florida native. He was taught to fear the Lord, love his country, and respect the flag.

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