The Failures of China's Government

By Kara Johnson


China has been taking center stage in the news this year due to an untimely pandemic. There have been conversations surrounding the country on whether or not the pandemic is their fault, how they have been handling it, and whether or not they are a great nation. All of these are great conversations to have, and all of them will inevitably lead to the ugly truth about communism. The truth is, China isn’t the great nation that some blue checkmarks on Twitter have been saying it is. A great nation doesn’t come from the rise of communism but from the rise of freedom. A great nation doesn’t commit genocide their own people. Communism has destroyed China, and those in the Western world should never praise this kind of government. But we have been seeing this more and more these past few months. There is a false narrative going around about China, and it’s dangerous. 

There’s been a tweet gaining traction from Carlos Martinez spreading the narrative that China is the only nation that isn’t built on colonialism, slavery, and genocide but rather on hard work and an effective government. 1 Martinez believes this should earn China some love, but it doesn’t because everything his tweet says is false. What Martinez fails to tell you is that China has sent over 1 million Uighur Muslims to mass internment concentration camps 2 and that the government continues to incarcerate those who have too many children. 3 China is built on everything that the communist party represents, and it’s getting worse by the day. 

According to the Bitter Winter, 4 a publication that the U.S. Department of State has cited multiple times, China is now forcing Christians to renounce their beliefs and replace their religious symbols with portraits of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping. 5 If the Chinese Christians don’t comply, they will be cut off from their welfare. This is tyranny at its worst, and it is not up to the blue checkmarks of the Twitter world to tell us whether we should show the Chinese government “love” because we, as a free people in a capitalist society, should not. 

China isn’t a free nation, and the government doesn’t support what we consider to be freedom. The government has put a major crackdown on restrictions when it comes to citizens accessing the internet. 6 All media and news outlets in the country have been rigorously censored by the government, making sure its citizens have zero access to the outside world. Outlets such as Twitter and Instagram are banned. 7

When we see the blue checkmarks on Twitter and influencers in the media defend the work that China is doing, we shouldn’t buy into the narrative because it’s a false one. Communism is weaved throughout the Chinese government, and it is something that should be frowned upon, not applauded. As Americans, we have to fight against the tyranny of socialism and communism because there is always a possibility it could come to our country, and once we lose our freedoms, we will never get them back.  

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