The March Toward Collectivism

By Maria Buenano


A pillar of the collectivist movement is the public ownership of goods, which interprets communist principles into a digestible faculty of economic and social implications. The means by which communist governments promote and control the “collective mindset” of society are exercised through the specific indignation of the working class. The mindset of collectivism is glorified in order to infiltrate the interpretation of culture within a given society. These vehicles of manipulation are utilized through facets which are broad and impactful; however, a few stand to be the most effective because they alter not only the standard by which culture is measured but also because they affect each individual on a personal level. The first facet involves removing impartiality from the media, ensuing widespread propaganda, and the demise of the free press. The next steps involve an unencumbered monopoly on public education, coupled with the teaching of resentment and entitlement. Finally, the most important step of all includes the degradation of family values and the alienation of older generations, ensuring that the youth do not consider what the elders have to say and will rely solely on the government for direction. This paves the way for the implementation and glorification of heavy social systems, which incentivize joblessness and the reliance on the government for livelihood. By the time these principles have reached four generations, the collectivist mindset will have been instilled in  society, and upstanding culture will have been replaced with outrage and nihilism, leaving nothing but big government outreach and widespread oppression in place of a free nation. 

Widespread propaganda and the demise of the free press was the largest key factor in communist revolutions across time. Touching countless nations through history, including the infamous collectivist revolutions in China, Cuba, and Russia, propaganda has been a tipping point in the ubiquitous application of cultural Marxism due to the limitation of information which impedes upon the citizens’ ability to stay educated, engaged, and prepared. A common way collectivists manipulate society-members in order to gain influence over them is through the puppeteering of intellectual experts and “the use of children as tools to produce empathy and youthful idealistic pride.” 1 Due to the heavy propaganda, by the time any citizen uprising has the awareness and opportunity to oppose the collective, it is too late. The education of the youth plays a detrimental role in the escalation of such endeavors. The monopolization of public education, coupled with the teaching of resentment and entitlement, overturns any organized opposition to collectivism, which older generations may attempt to spark. The degradation of family values and the alienation of older generations creates a vacuum within society. The children grow up believing that their elders are the problem, and when the revolution peaks, the adult children are the ones who take their parents’ rights away. There is no respect for individuality or the culture of the past. There is only collectivism remaining. The beginning evidence of this is prevalent and visible on the streets of America today, where young, raging vigilantes are burning down businesses, berating restaurant-goers to intimidate them into submitting to the collective mantra, and attacking all who oppose them. 

This is a trend that communists use to preface their doctrines before taking over a nation. Without heavy prepping of the nation’s culture, socialism and its counterpart, communism, would never be accepted by mainstream society because it contradicts human nature. The implementation and glorification of heavy social systems which incentivize joblessness and the reliance on the government for a livelihood must be accepted by mainstream society in order for a ruling class to gain full control over the working classes. Without the full reliance on the government for livelihood, there remains a chance of revolt. Without the degradation of familial values and American culture, Americans would never accept the implications of communism and the collectivist mantra because it is anti-American. America was built on free-enterprise, and without such principles in place in the hearts of individual Americans, America as a nation would fall. A nation is not composed of a collective but rather a shared set of values and principles which give unique individuals common ground. A mindset geared towards the unhindered benefit for the community breeds a taboo sense of collective responsibility at the expense of the individual. “Public ownership is a central principle of collectivism,” so by this consideration alone collectivism is the enemy of everything America represents. 2 The way communism infiltrates society is through culture, so the subtle march towards collectivist culture in America should concern every self-governing citizen. 

This is evident through history in societies around the globe that have tried socialism, but it is also evident in America today. It is historically accurate to say that socialism leads to communism because big governments are thirsty for more power and serve only themselves. So, the pattern of degradation of American culture and values is the first tipping point among many to come in the eyes of anti-American socialists who seek to change America from the inside. By creating the American public education system, avowed Marxists were able to regulate the knowledge which individuals believe is true, and by infiltrating the free press, collectivists were able to dictate the content which individuals receive and trust; thus, in the name of social collectivism and radical change, communistic ideologues not only condemn American values but change the interpretation of history, current events, and future endeavors. In 2020, 43% of young Americans believe socialism is a good idea. 3 As our school curriculums teach socialism through the lens of beneficial and noble causes and the media glorifies socialist legislators in America, it is clear that the support for socialism among American youth is no accident. There has been a strategic plot to teach the youth of America that the culture which makes America a world leader is what will destroy them. The degradation of American culture, along with the alienation of older generations, allows for a widespread sense of vulnerability and naïveté, which is gradually leading America down a dangerous path of collectivism. If Americans do not stand up for their nation, this historical march towards collective destruction will ruin the last remaining beacon of liberty in this world. 

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Maria Buenano has many passions aside from being a testament to American liberty. She is an entrepreneur and student who is studying Business and Organizational Leadership at Valencia College.

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