The Marxist Leadership of Black Lives Matter

By Christopher Lomauro


Ever since the tragic death of George Floyd sparked civil unrest and racial tensions across the United States, the Black Lives Matter organization has inserted itself into what seems like every aspect of American society. 

With so much attention and support being given to the organization by citizens, celebrities, athletes, big corporations, and the mainstream media, the reality that Black Lives Matter is headed by both self-proclaimed Marxists and convicted U.S. terrorists often falls out of the public spotlight in today's America. 

Patrisse Cullors, one of three central BLM co-founders, described herself as a "trained Marxist" in a viral video from 2015 that recently resurfaced. Cullors advocates for the complete abolition of both prisons and the current state of law enforcement as a whole. She insists that communities would do a better job protecting themselves than the police do: a notion that has been proven false by several oppressive socialist regimes in the recent past, including Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. These regimes took their first steps towards transitioning from free-market capitalism to Marxist-socialism and eventually communism by defunding their local police departments and replacing them with centralized national police forces. Cullors is also a protege of Eric Mann, a convicted terrorist connected to the underground terror group "The Weathermen", whose members were regularly involved in bombings and assassination attempts targeting police officers during the 1960s and 1970s. 

Opal Tometi, another BLM co-founder, has direct connections to Nicolas Maduro, the Marxist-socialist dictator of Venezuela. In December 2015, Tometi headed a group of BLM delegates invited to Venezuela by Maduro to observe the country's parliamentary elections. Maduro only permits individuals and groups deemed in support of his socialist regime to attend and observe Venezuela's parliamentary elections. After attending in 2015, Tometi wrote an article where she conveys her individual praise for Maduro's socialist government, which kills its citizens at a rate that far exceeds any other active government in the world. 

Then there is Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist involved in bombings of government buildings, attempted assassinations of police officers, and transportation of hundreds of pounds of explosives in efforts to aid violent insurrectionist uprisings during the 1980s. Rosenberg now serves as the vice-chair of Thousand Currents, a nonprofit partner organization of Black Lives Matter, which handles the vast majority of BLM's donations and other fundraising efforts. Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years in prison in 1985 for her terroristic acts. She served 16 years in federal prison before being pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office. 

With the presence of the Black Lives Matter organization infiltrating seemingly every sector of American society this year, young Americans must begin to educate themselves as it pertains to the organization's Marxist-socialist framework and leadership.

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Chris grew up in Freehold, NY and is currently a graduate student at Rutgers University obtaining a degree in Media Studies. Chris was disturbed by the fliers covering the walls of his school promoting the "Marxist-Leninist Club," and was encouraged to join the fight against socialism after his professors began endorsing the club. He enjoys cooking, working out, fishing, reading, writing, and PC gaming.

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