The Path to Socialism in Venezuela

By Kara Johnson


Over the last few years, Venezuela has been a topic of discussion via the news and social media. The country was once prosperous, labeled as one of the richest countries and now it has fallen into the abyss of socialism, and they are now unable to escape. During the week of July 8, the Andres Bello Catholic University released its 2019-2020 survey of living conditions, marking Venezuela as the poorest country in Latin America. How did Venezuela, which was once prosperous become poor? What about socialism destroyed them? What does Venezuela teach us about the harmful consequences of socialism? 

In 2006, President Hugo Chavez created the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and stressed that the country should be led by a one-party system. During this time, the president encouraged all left-wing parties to abandon their current leadership positions to join in on the socialist movement. This movement became widely popular with both parties, which is why President Chavez has become successful in making Venezuela the socialist nation he had dreamt about since creating the PSUV. 

The crisis in Venezuela began in 2010 during the presidency of Hugo Chavez and has continued into the presidency of Nicolas Maduro. During the reign of Chavez, the PSUV has gained control of key institutions including, the judiciary, the electoral council, and the supreme court.  As the party continued to gain control of these institutions, the economy began to collapse and continued to do so under the reign of President Maduro.  By 2017, hunger escalated throughout the country, resulting in over 75 percent of the population losing an average of 19 pounds in weight, and more than half did not have the proper income to meet their dietary needs. Shortages of basic supplies became widespread, and the economy has continued to suffer and the country as a whole is in crisis.

Due to the results of a socialist economy, many businesses have stopped production because they were no longer making a profit, resulting in shortages around the entire nation. This has been crucial in the country and now, over 4.8 million citizens have fled the country since the economic crisis began. Socialism is destroying Venezuela because socialism, even though it sounds like a good ideology is not a logical solution for equality or an economic system. When the government wants to spread the wealth, the wealth eventually runs out, resulting in shortages, homelessness, and poverty. 

What has happened in Venezuela should show us why Socialism will never be a good idea. If we want a prosperous country, the road to socialism is not the way to go. When we look to Venezuela and all its failures, we as a country can learn from them and should realize the consequences of a socialist economy and what it does to a nation. Andres Malave, a native to Venezuela wrote an article for Investors Business Daily stating his experience with socialism and why it can never work in American and it shouldn’t, “Socialism has destroyed the country of my birth, and it would be wrong to believe it couldn't happen here. So, when you hear politicians preaching the wonders of socialism in any of its forms, think of my family. So again I say, let them come to Venezuela. They will not like what they see.” 

So, when they tell you they want socialism, follow the advice of Malave and go to Venezuela. You will not like what you see. 

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Kara Johnson finished her Bachelor's degree in Communications at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane in 2014. Since then, she has become a firm defender of truth, faith, capitalism, and patriotism. Her fight for American policies is evident throughout her writing and online presence. She is a contributing writer for The Rogue Review and The Human Defense Initiative, while also working to consistently update her personal blog Black Coffee At Midnight about faith, issues, and life's journey.

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