The Shared Misery of Socialism

By Carlos Ron


There are different visions about what is best for our society today; for millennials, socialism is a stylish way to see it. Especially among young Americans, socialism has become a trend. An exclusive poll published by Axios in 2019, indicated that 70% of millennials would vote for a socialist candidate, but what are the effects of Socialism in the world? 1 In recent years, my country, Venezuela, has been an example of this economic system's failures. Socialists claim that we need equality, and the reason we do not have it is because of capitalism and the existence of very wealthy individuals, who have oppressed the poor. 

A national survey of living conditions done by researchers at Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela found that 64.8% of Venezuelan households were living under multidimensional poverty in 2019, a measure that considers income and access to education and public services, among other factors. That was 13.8% higher than the previous year. The same survey found around 96% of Venezuela's population lives in poverty measured solely by income levels. Venezuela has achieved what I would call equality under misery. 2 The government is advancing socialism day-by-day, increasing regulations, and failed social programs. By creating unsustainable conditions, they have sentenced Venezuelans to survive with little or no access to water, electricity, medicine, or food. 

After years, they have achieved the equality they were so desperately looking for: dragging Venezuelans to misery and dependency. American supporters of socialism insist that the United States is a bigger country, not capable of facing a destiny like Venezuela; arguments like this are very misleading. Globally, Venezuela is the country with the largest reserves of oil and used to be the world's 4th wealthiest nation per capita in 1950, but rampant public spending and policies created to dismantle private ownership were responsible for Venezuela’s state today. Cubans warned Venezuelans about the dangers of socialism, but Venezuelans decided to ignore them and said that "Venezuela was different." Socialism does not ask people in what country they live to bring misery. Socialism appears in the name of social justice but delivers tragedy. Venezuela is proof of how people can choose the path of communism and what the consequences would be. Communism and socialism differentiate from each other solely by their means of getting power, while communism forces you; socialism is kind enough to let you decide the first time. But remember, once under socialism, there is no easy way back.

About Carlos

Instagram: @carlosron1997

Carlos Ron was born and raised in Venezuela, where he and his family were victims of socialist policies that destroyed their lives. In late 2016, after fleeing Socialist Venezuela, he decided to share his message about the dangers of socialism. Carlos has spoken at multiple college campuses across the United States, sharing his experience, advocating for freedom, and talking about Venezuela's history as an example of bad policies that should never be implemented in the United States. He has been hosted as a speaker by college campuses including Central Michigan University, Oakland University, Michigan State University, Rider University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan-Flint, and hosted online by Wittenberg University.

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