The Three Types of American Socialists

By Rachel Witherspoon


A common phrase everyone, socialist and capitalist alike, knows is there are two types of people in this world. It is my belief that despite the socialist movement acting and moving with seeming uniformity, there are actually three different types of socialists within the movement, and in order to stop the movement, we must first understand their differences. 

Type 1: These are the ‘trained Marxists’ who want power and control, and vow they won’t stop until they receive it. They are the ring leaders and as we’ve seen in recent weeks with BLM, they excel at creating chaos. 

Type 2: These are the people who have been taught about socialism and communism through liberal institutions and glorified it. They may know of their murderous histories, but they either chose to ignore it or naively claim the same atrocities won’t happen again, as if history never repeats itself. Often, these are the people who would most benefit from socialist programs such as a free college education, further feeding into their idealism.

Type 3: This is where the vast majority of American socialists fall; they see people in need, rightly feel compassion for them, and they are made to believe that socialism is what could help satisfy their needs. While they may see minor benefits for themselves, their main encouragement towards socialism is empathy for others. 

Type 3 Socialists are the people whose minds we have the ability to change as Type 1 and 2 are most likely too far gone. However, it’s important we understand that we cannot convince them of the brutality of socialism without using both facts and emotions, as emotions are what led them towards socialism in the first place. Type 1 and 2 know that they have near-complete control of Type 3’s emotions, they extort emotionalism as the pathway towards gaining ground in their movement. It is up to us not just to tell them or show them the facts and the dangers of socialism, but to make them feel the emotional realities of what they are advocating for. It is only once they are able to connect on an emotional level, that they will begin to see the problems with the Marxist ideology and the true value of freedom in the United States.

YAAS does a great job of this by sharing the stories of those who have fled and survived socialist and communist regimes. We can all do more though, even without having the first-hand experience. We can share the stories of those who have, highlight the contrast between freedoms Americans enjoy without having to think about them and those with little to no freedoms, and even have in-depth conversations about all the ways they can help the people they want to help through capitalism, not socialism. 

They say don’t fight fire with fire, but in this case, we have to fight emotions with emotions (and facts) in order to save America.

About Rachel Witherspoon

Twitter: @Rach_Withers

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Rachel Witherspoon is a young American graduate student with a passion for utilizing the knowledge found in economics, business, and political science to help others. She is a fierce advocate for America and an even bigger advocate for the First Amendment.

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