The True Cost of Far-Left Riots

By Christopher Lomauro


Since the agonizing death of George Floyd sparked civil unrest across the United States, violent riots being perpetrated by far-left groups have been the cause of lingering fiscal and cultural burdens in the lives of law-abiding American citizens.

It is now known that Black Lives Matter riots are the costliest form of man-made damage to U.S. property in modern history. Despite the vast majority of popular mainstream news media continues to describe the anarchist activity being carried out by BLM and Antifa as “mostly peaceful,” the property damage caused by the violent actions of these organizations will cost American insurance companies over $2 billion this year alone.1 To put the magnitude of that figure in perspective, the social unrest endured throughout the six major riots that occurred throughout the civil rights era produced a $1.2 billion cost to American insurance companies. This figure was produced over the course of 14 years, while BLM and Antifa have surpassed it in just one year.2

Even worse, the property damage committed by far-left organizations that allege to support black lives has frequently targeted African-American business owners. Chanel Hawk, a 34-year-old business owner, living in Minneapolis during the time of George Floyd’s murder, alleges to have had $150,000 worth of inventory stolen from her consignment shop by looters.3 Hawk is one of the countless minority victims of senseless exploitation of this time of civil unrest in America by left-wing extremist groups. The American mainstream news media has also hidden the stories of victims like Hawk behind the notion that 93% of BLM protests are peaceful.4 Despite 93% of BLM gatherings not resulting in a violent uproar, 95% of all violent riots that have occurred in the United States this year have been tied to BLM in some way.5

As Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue to build their national brands as domestic terror organizations through their insurrectionist demonstrations, Americans are beginning to take note of the violent nature of both Marxist entities. BLM support in America has dropped from 67% in early June to 55% at the time of this writing. It is also worth noting that 42% of Americans now believe that individuals taking part in BLM gatherings are looking to incite violence. Relatively, only 18% of Americans hold favorable opinions of Antifa demonstrators, with 39% of those polled alleging to strongly disfavor the organization.6

As violent extremist groups continue to burn innocent people’s property, professional sports leagues in the United States, which hold great cultural influence over American culture, still have not shied away from their support of these Marxist entities. The NBA has had the phrase: “Black Lives Matter” painted on its courts throughout this year’s playoffs, and the organization has been met with a 30% dropoff in TV ratings this year compared to last year’s playoff ratings.7 Likewise, the NFL has encouraged players to don social justice phrases on the back of their helmets in efforts to promote social justice, in addition to playing two different anthems during pregame ceremonies. This year’s TV ratings for the NFL’s season opener dropped 12.3% compared to last year’s opener.8

Based on the reality that the American people are beginning to shift their attitudes regarding Marxist terror groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, it is evident that corporate brands centered in the United States should abandon their support of these criminal organizations as well. With billions of dollars in property damage already having been accumulated and support for BLM and Antifa progressively dwindling among Americans, it is time to ask the question: is there any real winner amid all of this chaos?

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