Why Community is the Foundation of Capitalism

By Tess Jenan


The degradation of community in our culture has left many young people isolated, bringing them to call for government intervention. Over the last century, our society has rejected many hallmarks of our culture that led to strong stability within an individual’s life. Throughout history, community marked a place of permanence, whether that was found in a place of worship, a sports team, a boys or girls club, or most fundamentally, the family.

The radical left has waged their attack on these institutions because, without community, we seek aid from governmental authorities. When we do not have our parents, our church, or our neighbors to turn to, we turn to the government. Our culture has rescinded from that responsibility, leading to the government’s involvement.

Today, many young people seek the communal care they deserve and should have received all along. Human beings are social creatures, and community is, therefore, essential to human flourishing. Yet, they pursue this form of community in the wrong place. They find it at the hand of an oppressor – an overarching government that only wants to control, not nurture nor restore.

The government has no face; when we take from its hand, we do not see the countless faces and wallets behind the so-called charity. When we ask our neighbor or members of our church or synagogue for financial support, we remember their faces, as we know their names.

The manifestation of government as a parental figure has led many young people to want communism and socialism to generate the façade of community. They have created a vision of a world where we all share and join together in prosperity. However, the government can never replace community. It will always be a faceless entity, leeching off of individuals to give to the masses.

In order to reinstate a capitalist society, which empowers the individual to make their own decisions and create their destiny, we must revitalize our communities. Our communities are where we should seek support, not at the callous grip of a government that obtains only power and control.

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