Why Young People Think Socialism Is the Answer

By Gabriel Simons


Socialism has become increasingly popular with younger generations, and now about 50% of young adults say they prefer socialist policies 1, but why is that? Bluntly speaking, the modern right has failed to address the real issues that would lead a young person to adopt socialist beliefs. Socialism is an "answer" to their grievances. It's evident that the majority of the country is upset with our nation's current circumstances; the question is, why, and how do we help them? 

While most young socialist supporters are coming out of universities, there are other reasons for the rise in socialism's popularity. The underlying issue is the destruction of the nuclear family 2, which is the crux of a stable society. Almost all the problems in our society can be traced back to the destruction of the nuclear family in one way or the other. A few easy symptoms to spot are the low morale of the working class in our nation, young men having no drive to work, and testosterone levels being at an all-time low 3. The two most egregious symptoms of our country are the fundamental measurables of a society's health. The first is our suicide rate, which happens to be at a generational high 4, the vast majority of which are committed by men 5. The second and perhaps most compelling symptom is the fact that the middle class is steadily becoming the minority in this country, and currently comprises just over 50% of the population 6. When the majority of your population is either on the top or bottom rung, class division is inevitable, and the idea of socialism sounds much more compelling.  

Young people want socialism because grossly incompetent frauds on the left are the only people giving the distraught youth in our country an answer. Still, in reality, they are just exploiting people's outrage. Maybe young people are tired of being told that the problems in their life can be solved if they simply worked harder, despite genetics playing a significant role in an individual's success 7. A reference to Venezuela and a "You're just a lazy commie, stop complaining, and get smarter, it's your fault you're poor," is virtually the message the youth is receiving. While bluntly speaking, that answer may actually have a significant degree of truth behind it, and hard work would help, the message we're sending to the youth is not a winning message; it discourages them from embracing our ideas, all the while the other side is promising them eternal prosperity. Instead of scolding young people to believe that someone wants to help them, we should try to reach out to a helpful hand of grace and talk about the real issues facing young people in our country. 

To be clear, we should not pamper or baby young adults to gain support, but hear them out and try to solve real problems that are turning them away from our message. A start would be addressing an issue they care about, such as large economic inequality in America. While it may be fair, the fact that an overwhelming majority of generated wealth in this country goes to the top 8 does not disappear. People are naturally envious; we are born with sin in our nature; it's not poverty that is causing instability; envy is. This is when our country's turn away from Judeo-Christian values 9 kicks in. Because our society is no longer socially enforcing Biblical principles, envy becomes a much larger issue, reflecting what is clearly being shown in American culture today. That fact also explains how our country has significantly improved the standard of living over the past century with innovations in technology, and wages have gone up 10, our population is depressed, two-parent households are at an all-time low 11, and young men are increasingly not getting married 12.

The youth is sick of being told to shut up because of how great our GDP is, how low our unemployment is, and what great products they have because of capitalism. All the while, they are on the verge of depression after their embrace of nihilistic consumerism. When a college kid who has made decent decisions and graduated from a 4-year university with a normal degree can't afford a car, let alone a house, let alone have kids, it's easy to understand why young people like the idea of socialism. Instead of beating them over the head with economic statistics, we should acknowledge the real problems they are facing and attempt to solve them in one way or another. To me, the goal is not to raise our GDP or hit an all-time high stock market record; the goal is to take care of normal citizens in our country and give them hope for their children's future. 

One ingredient to our mess that must not go forgotten is the failure of our leadership. We have been completely sold out by almost every elected politician that holds a position of power in this country. These politicians are attempting to distract the U.S. population with materialized issues like transgender bathrooms, and fake racial divisions, and Russian collusion in our elections. All the while, they continue pushing porn and drugs on our citizens and opening our borders for votes and cheap labor, the consequences of which are fully felt by the average citizen. This is why Donald Trump got elected on a populist platform of putting the average American first and is precisely why a candidate such as Bernie Sanders gained so much popularity. Americans are sick of being screwed over by our policymakers, and they have sent that message crystal clear to them. Instead of telling young people it's all their fault, and if they simply worked harder, they would be fine, we need to come together by addressing actual issues, and change our messaging. When we figure out what went wrong, we need to start holding our leaders responsible. While I am a huge proponent of capitalism, the fact doesn't change that if we do not solve or address these problems, we will continue to lose, and America will become a socialist country. It's that simple.

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Gabriel Simons is a 17-year-old Florida native. He was taught to fear the Lord, love his country, and respect the flag.

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