Listen to Survivors of Socialism and Communism


In order to promote their socialist narrative to our generation, the left has to lie. They lie by promising an unattainable utopia, pushing out misleading messaging on what socialism really is and what their true intentions really are, and of course, they deny, reject, or distort basic history and economics. 

We believe the best way to combat the left's lying is to provide the powerful, emotional, and undeniable truth found in first hand testimony from survivors of socialism and communism. 

We are so appreciative of the strong individuals who have shared their stories with us so far. The stories they share and the lessons and warnings they have for our generation are exactly what is needed in the fight against socialism. 

If you are interested in telling your story through a YAAS testimony video, please head to the "JOIN" tab at the top of the page and submit the form. Our team will contact you shortly after! 


Reaching our peers with the truth 

about socialism. 

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